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What Is The Difference Between Lab Furniture And Other Furniture?

Aug 10, 2017

What is the difference between Lab Furniture and other furniture?
Lab Furniture and office furniture use of completely different places, Lab Furniture used in colleges and universities, teaching, research, laboratory of the important practice sites, the choice of Lab Furniture generally require anti-acid and alkali corrosion and other functions; and office furniture is generally used in office for the office White-collar family used a kind of furniture, office furniture material requirements without Lab Furniture so harsh.
Lab Furniture includes a test bed, a fume hood, a fuel cabinet, a cylinder cabinet, a sample cabinet, a day platform, a biological safety cabinet, an air shower, a clean bench, an atomic absorption hood, a universal exhaust arm, an emergency shower And so on; Lab Furniture materials are generally steel or steel structure, the surface of the epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, generally steel thickness of 1.0mm or more, the experimental platform generally need to place large-scale experimental equipment or equipment, equipment cabinet need to place the instrument Equipment, steel is too thin on the bench and the cabinet can not meet the load.
Office furniture, including desk, conference table, filing cabinets, desk, desk, screens and so on, the variety specifications far from the cumbersome Lab Furniture. There are no Lab Furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, Mass production of product materials and labor are relatively relatively at the end, the Lab Furniture size customized according to customer laboratories, packaging costs, transportation costs, installation costs are higher than the cost of office furniture. So from the procurement of office furniture is much cheaper than the Lab Furniture.
Lab Furniture is a kind of furniture used in special working environment, generally including test bed, fume hood, drug cabinet, cylinder cabinet, day platform and so on. Materials generally include steel structure, all steel structure, pp structure, all wood structure. Now the general customer choice test bed is generally more steel and wood structure, price economy, quality and durability.
The main features of Lab Furniture:
1. Specialized design: Lab Furniture equipment manufacturers have a large number of laboratory experts and engineering experts, according to the needs of users and various types of laboratory characteristics, to provide users with reasonable and careful professional Beijing laboratory design;
2. Specialized construction: Lab Furniture equipment manufacturers have completed a number of national key laboratory construction and renovation project, has a group of experienced field engineers and technical backbone, to the customer satisfaction with the quality of the project;
3. Advanced automatic monitoring system: automatic monitoring of the daily work of the laboratory state, automatically adjust the system running state, to achieve the laboratory routine maintenance of the quantitative concept, so that routine maintenance easier and more scientific.
4. High-quality laboratory equipment and components: to ensure that the laboratory system is stable, safe and durable.
5. The overall layout of the coordination: Lab Furniture equipment manufacturers design and construction are from the overall consideration, the overall layout of the laboratory reasonable, for you to create a comfortable laboratory environment.
6. Lab Furniture is generally made of steel structure, the framework of 60x40x2 cold-rolled steel welded together, the cabinet with 18mm melamine board, the cabinet color is generally divided into the overall gray or cabinet gray, door gem blue with, This is customized according to the customer's own.
So how do we choose the Lab Furniture material? First in the procurement of the time not only the price is cheap, cheap no good goods this phrase is not unreasonable. The same thing when the price difference is relatively large, we have every reason to doubt whether the quality of his things can be guaranteed. Many accessories may look the same, but the actual quality difference is relatively large, which eventually led to the life of the test bench greatly reduced. Bring unnecessary trouble to our work. Rotten experimental bench may be used for a year or so on the bad, good can be used for several years no problem.