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What Is The Significance Of The Construction Of Biosafety Laboratories?

Dec 18, 2018

Looking at the construction of biosafety laboratories from an economic perspective

Laboratory personnel designing laboratory and animal laboratories to ensure that the subject does not pose a biological hazard to humans, animals and plants, and to ensure that the surrounding environment is not contaminated by the laboratory personnel when dealing with pathogenic microorganisms, experimental materials containing pathogenic microorganisms or parasites. There are special requirements for construction. According to the degree of hazard of the experimental subjects, the biosafety laboratories are generally divided into four levels, of which the first level has the lowest requirements for biosafety isolation, the fourth level is the highest, and the biosafety laboratories are classified as shown in Table 1. Levels 3 and 4 belong to the high-level biosafety laboratory, sometimes referred to as the biosafety clean room, commonly known as the P3 and P4 laboratories.


(1) For high-level biosafety laboratories, due to their high cost, it is not advisable to blindly build and avoid waste. Before establishing a biosafety laboratory, a thorough understanding of the main uses of the laboratory, basic performance indicators, and the purpose of the construction laboratory should be provided. The level of the biosafety laboratory should be determined according to the hazard of the test subject, and the high level cannot be blindly pursued, because the higher the level, the higher the construction and operation costs.

(2) To balance the relationship between initial investment and operating expenses, you should not only pursue low initial investment, choose cheap equipment or simple system form, but ignore running costs and avoid the cost of building. The situation. The life cycle costing analysis method should be carried out during design, and a reasonable and economical design scheme should be selected after technical and economic analysis.

Summary: This is a problem we often face and consider. How to rationally plan and construct a biological laboratory in the case of limited laboratory construction funding, we must first have the necessary awareness from the economic level!