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What Is The Standard In The Laboratory Environment, Bokalab Tells You

Sep 20, 2018

This standard is specially formulated to ensure that all laboratory testing equipment is operated at an appropriate ambient temperature to ensure that the measurement accuracy of the daily operation of the measuring equipment is not affected by the indoor environment. Shaanxi Hongshuo introduced the laboratory environmental control standards to you today.

Laboratory environment requirements:

1. The standard temperature of the laboratory is 20±5°C. Humidity: 45%~65%.

2, ground vibration: 10Hz below 11S amplitude 2ump-p below (principle) hands on the platform can not feel the vibration;

3. The environmental conditions in the laboratory such as noise, shock, moisture, dust, corrosion, antimagnetic and shielding shall be in accordance with the verification procedures and measurement standards of the indoor verification items and the requirements of the measuring instruments and equipment for the environment. Indoor lighting should be conducive to the verification work and the measurement and testing work.

4. The abnormal conditions of the laboratory are abnormal. If the temperature and humidity exceed the specified range and the identification and test results are obviously affected, the laboratory engineer should be reported in time, and the leaders of the quality control department and the relevant leaders of the company should be reported step by step.

5. When the environmental conditions often have abnormal conditions or fail to meet the metrological verification work and the measurement precision inspection work, the company's relevant leaders should be reported in writing and appropriate measures should be taken to solve the problem.

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6. Under the existing conditions, the laboratory shall take active measures to keep and maintain the measuring instruments and measuring standard instruments.

7. Daily control and management of laboratory environmental conditions

8. The laboratory should be kept clean and tidy. After the end of each day, the necessary cleaning should be carried out. The equipment should be wiped regularly. After the equipment is used, the appliance and its accessories should be placed neatly, and the instrument cover or dust cloth should be covered. The instrument should be powered off after use.

9. Smoking, snacking, and food storage are strictly prohibited in the laboratory. Non-laboratory personnel are not allowed to enter the room without permission. The number of persons who have agreed to enter should be strictly controlled, which may cause fluctuations in indoor temperature and humidity.

10. The laboratory shall be responsible for the recording of indoor temperature and humidity conditions by professionals. Indoors with air conditioning and dehumidification equipment shall not open doors and windows casually. Special personnel shall be assigned to operate air conditioning equipment or dehumidifiers. The indoor temperature and humidity conditions shall be recorded by each meter. , laboratory preservation, retention period of three years.

The specific content of the above summary is the specific control requirements for the laboratory environment, so as to ensure the health and safety of the laboratory environment.

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