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What Kind Of Qualities Should The Designer Of The Laboratory Design Have?

Feb 20, 2019

Designers have always been seen as soul-like characters, and they are often the professions that people look up to. So what kind of qualities should our designers in the laboratory industry have? Next, BOKA Xiaobian will come out with everyone to reveal it!

In general, laboratory designers must first be familiar with laboratory design workflows, laboratory instruments, laboratory safety, and other experimental-related expertise. This is essential.

lab furniture 2.20

At the same time, it should have the basic knowledge of laboratory engineering design and construction. Even if it is a very experienced Grade A architectural design institute, it is often necessary to seek help from the lack of laboratory design talents when facing experimental buildings in different industries. It is recommended to enrich your expertise by referring to laboratory design books.

Finally, there is a constant summary of my own experience, and a lot of humility to ask others. As the saying goes: Live to the old, learn to be old.

Our BOKA has 15 years of industry design experience, excellent team of designers, professionally build a one-stop service platform for laboratories, and realize high-end customization of the laboratory, so that the Chinese laboratory is safer and the mission of the company is based on the industry.