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What Problems Are Encountered In The Laboratory Civil Design?

Nov 28, 2018

Laboratory design should precede civil design

"Construction" should precede "construction", and only "construction" is clear before "construction" can begin. It is the process of implementing abstract ideas through professional means, including laboratory design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and upgrade.

At present, there is no relevant building code for the construction of laboratories in China. Therefore, many laboratories in the civil engineering design stage have not fully considered the special requirements of the laboratory for construction. The correct laboratory construction process is to first carry out the laboratory process design, and then carry out the laboratory civil design under the premise of meeting the laboratory process requirements.

This requires the construction unit to consult the professional experimental design party, and timely intervention in the civil design stage of the project. If possible, it is best to bring civil engineers to visit other units' laboratories to deepen their understanding.

lab furniture 11.28

Typical civil engineering design issues include:

(1) The wind shaft is not designed, or the position, size and quantity of the wind shaft cannot meet the requirements;

(2) The cylinder chamber is not considered, and only the gas cylinder room for fire protection is designed;

(3) The overall planning of the laboratory is not carried out, and the division is too simple or unreasonable;

(4) The use of the instrument is not considered;

(5) Special room functions, such as constant temperature and humidity chambers, are not considered;

(6) The net level is too low, affecting the pipeline layout, and the space after renovation is low.