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What Should Be Considered In The Initial Stage Of Laboratory Construction?

Aug 14, 2018

Laboratory equipment is an important component of modern laboratory construction. In the design process, the special environment of the laboratory should be taken into consideration. The laboratory equipment used must not only meet international standards and environmental protection requirements, but also the laboratory equipment must meet corrosion resistance and resistance. Acid and alkali, anti-rust, easy to clean and so on. The laboratory has three main points to consider during the design process.


1. Structural design

Laboratory equipment is an important component in the design process. It plays a role in the production process. The style and structure of laboratory equipment must be based on rationality and feasibility.

2. Material selection

The materials used in the laboratory equipment are mainly made of wood, steel and steel. Full-wood furniture is mainly made of wood-based panels. It is rich in color and beautiful in appearance, but its waterproofness is poor bearing capacity. It is not suitable for laboratory environments with high environmental humidity or high load-bearing capacity. Steel-wood furniture is mainly made of metal. The frame is combined with the wooden cabinet, the price is moderate, easy to disassemble, but the style is relatively simple; the all-steel material is mainly made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is made of acid-washed phosphating electrostatic epoxy resin, and its bearing capacity More durable, but at a higher price. Users can choose according to the laboratory environment and their own needs.

3. Features

At the beginning of the laboratory design, it is necessary to consider the problems of ventilation, moisture, and high temperature in response to environmental characteristics. According to the actual needs of customers, the production of laboratory equipment is reasonably matched. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of the ventilation ducts and the positioning and orientation of the gas pipelines, the acid and alkali resistance, anti-blocking and anti-leakage measures of the sinks and the down pipes of the washing station.

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