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What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Operation Of Laboratory Instruments?

Jul 28, 2018

Before the laboratory conducts scientific research, there will be a lot of preparation work. For example, the laboratory equipment and equipment should be fully prepared. The laboratory tasks should be simple thinking, and the various reagents, test solutions, instruments and test procedures required for the test will be carried out. , precautions, problems encountered in previous trials, etc., want to be clear, ready, free from the lack of time, less self-confidence.

If it is the first time to do the experiment, it is necessary to consult the brothers and sisters in the laboratory in time to avoid large laboratory safety accidents.


When carrying out laboratory labor: the following items must be noted~

Do not rush to pour off the stock solution after cooking. It is best to wait until the data is calculated and then dump it. In case of abnormal data or excessive data, you can recheck without repeated cooking.

Regardless of the solution you load or the container you use, write a label or mark it with a marker to avoid getting it wrong.

Sometimes, the configured solution has passed the expiration date, but it will not be too much impact, sometimes it will inevitably be lazy. This is not a good habit. Sometimes it is easy to find a piece of paper to record the weight, and then can not find this piece. paper.

After the microbiological test, the medium cannot be discarded with household waste and must be sterilized.


After the test is completed, the data should be processed immediately and compared with the previous test results. If there is any difference, the cause should be immediately identified and recorded, and then checked and compared later. Regularly summarize the test data and results, find out the rules, and make a summary.

After using the balance, do not clean it immediately, especially some corrosive things, do not clean it immediately, seriously damage the balance balance room, open the door when weighing, do not lightly open the door.

Now a lot of experimental data is in the computer, it is best to back up after a period of time, so as to avoid the loss of data before the computer failure, the loss is heavy.

Don't chat with colleagues while doing experiments. Especially in the case of constant volume or titration, attention must be concentrated, and accidentally passed.

Special emphasis on the analysis, if there is an abnormal phenomenon or data, the contents of the prompt dialog box when the instrument fails, must be recorded, which is very useful for analyzing the problem.

It is necessary to know the consumables related to the laboratory instruments used. The required preparations should be prepared in advance, and should not be discovered after the consumables are used up.


Before adding the reagent, mix it to avoid the uneven concentration and complete the experiment.

Immediately after the pipette tip is sucked, remove it from the pipette, so as to avoid another reagent when the pipette is used. When the pipette is used up, it should be returned to the maximum metering position to prevent the spring from losing its elasticity. When using a gun, be sure to gently absorb the liquid so as not to get inside the gun. It is easy to corrode the gun and easily contaminate the subsequent experiments.

Repeated freezing and thawing in the refrigerator will blur the writing and can be affixed to the outside of the word with scotch tape.

It is best to change only one experimental condition at a time, otherwise it is not clear which conditional change affects the experimental results. I think the most important thing to do in an experiment is patience and meticulousness. Another point is to be ashamed to ask.

The liquid sample stored in the round bottom flask should ensure that the sample has a safe and stable placement. Sometimes, if you are not careful, you may have to give up and cry.

The bottle in the refrigerator must be placed in a standard, and the label should be attached (it can't be used with a marker, even if it is a few days, it may fade), otherwise, no one can remember it for a long time, it is necessary to clean up, if, mistakenly important The product is very troublesome. The glass instrument has fallen off, no matter how important it is, don't pick it up by hand.

Each time the drug or reagent is weighed, the drug bottle is opened and the lid should be turned over and placed on the table instead of being directly attached to the table.

  The above is the problem that BOKA summarizes in the operation of the laboratory equipment. If you have many problems with the operation of the laboratory equipment, please leave a message and contact Xiaobian~~