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What Should I Pay Attention To When Upgrading The Laboratory?

Dec 07, 2020

Laboratory decoration layout

   Due to the structural division of the space, the indoor environment of the laboratory is determined. Before interface processing, decoration, and furniture installation, arrangements should be made for convenient and reasonable internal use.

   According to the purpose of the laboratory, it can be roughly divided into:

   Preparation room (or pretreatment room), analysis room, instrument room, balance room, microorganism room (or clean room), storage room, etc.

  In the layout design, while meeting the different functional requirements of the laboratory, it is necessary to consider the process of experimental work, make a reasonable layout, and reduce unnecessary walking and turning by personnel, which is the principle of efficiency. In addition, when designing the layout of the instrument room, the problem of mutual interference between different instruments should be avoided as much as possible.

  Secondly, the overall shape must be conceived

   It is very important to conceive this concept before decoration. A messy and uncoordinated indoor environment is often related to the lack of an overall concept before decoration. Concept and intention can be said to be the soul of interior design. The so-called unified concept, that is, what style and modeling characteristics should be designed into the indoor environment, based on the main content of the laboratory function, practicability, and capital budget, that is, the so-called "deliberate pen first". Before I started using the wall, I had a general idea...how to decorate, what kind of laboratory furniture is used, lamps and curtains.

Three, pay attention to the harmony of color and material

   Through the overall concept of styling and artistic style, we can design the colors and materials of each interface, such as, walls and top surfaces, to determine the colors and materials of furniture and interior decoration.

   The main color is determined according to the general concept, taking into account the configuration and coordination of different colors, for example, the brightness of, and some high-color small blocks, so it can be organized.

   For the choice of materials such as indoor interfaces and furniture, people should consider people’s proximity, comfort, and even skin contact characteristics for a long time, and abide by the principles of safety and environmental protection, and the principles of ergonomics. Color and material, color and light have a very close internal relationship. Careful consideration should be given to the design and selection of colors and materials.

   4. Laboratory interior decoration

   1. The laboratory should adopt a frame structure to facilitate the reasonable layout of the laboratory;

  2, the fire protection rating of the laboratory building shall not be lower than two, and the setting of fire protection facilities shall comply with the national building fire protection design regulations;

  3. The seismic fortification category designed by the laboratory shall not be lower than Class B buildings;

  4. Meet the laboratory environment requirements, beautiful and generous, with a sense of modern science and technology, highlighting the industry's characteristic units, work philosophy and unique style;

   5. Cleanliness, pressure gradient, laboratory floor materials with special requirements, such as constant temperature and humidity, should also meet the overall seamless requirements;

6. There are laboratories in the buffer room (including: clean laboratories, biosafety laboratories and other complex laboratories), there should be hidden equipment doors, and there should be a total of experimental equipment, especially large equipment in and out;

  7. The wall of the laboratory should be made of small surface adsorption and convenient cleaning building materials;

   8. The laboratory floor should be corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, non-slip, and easy to clean the building materials;

   9. Stained glass should not be used on the exterior windows of the laboratory to avoid errors in color judgment during the experiment. Physical shielding measures should be taken for laboratories with dark requirements;

   10. The materials involved in the decoration should be made of flame retardant materials as much as possible. It must be a high-end product. It must meet environmental protection requirements and provide a certificate of conformity. ,. Samples or samples must be provided before purchase, and can be done by Party A. All pipes on the ground, wall and ceiling should be strictly sealed, and the final effect of the decoration should be modern, fashionable and beautiful;

  11. The construction of special condition laboratories such as radioactivity testing laboratories, animal laboratories, and biosafety protection laboratories should be carried out in accordance with relevant national regulations and requirements.