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How To View The Working Principle Of The Laboratory Workbench?

Mar 26, 2018

Water, electricity, ventilation system, multi-function power socket, easy to use in the process of using other electrical equipment in the laboratory. Using a quick-open valve during the experiment is convenient for water. Before moving up and down the glass door, used for low-speed exhaust tips, experiments may be tasted during the harmful gas discharge process. At the bottom of the working face is equipped with a stainless steel sink, disinfectant, and experimental residue can be used to protect the water in the experimental environment from the sink, safe and reliable.


Classified by materials: steel fume hoods, also all wind cabinets, composite fume hoods.


The fume hoods have safety features and are fully functional. For different industries, users are provided with standards, wind, corrosion protection, explosion-proof, radiation, perchloric fume hoods, and can design a variety of other types of fume hoods based on the needs of customers, all only for your safety, easy The basis of the job.