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How long does the test bench last?

Nov 12, 2018

Everyone knows that there are many kinds of experimental benches, such as wooden, steel, all-steel, stainless steel, and PP. So, which one is the most suitable product for your laboratory? What is the difference. Today, Wale's small series will take you to understand.

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First of all, depending on the nature of your laboratory, do you have more acid-alkaline tests? If it is more, it is recommended to use all-steel or 304# stainless steel. If the funds are sufficient, then choose PP material.

Secondly, it depends on the amount of funds you invest in; if it is a newly established small laboratory, it is easy to use all-wood or steel-wood, and the capital investment is not too much.

Finally, it is the construction of a large-scale modern laboratory with relatively large investment funds. We will design and recommend materials according to customer requirements.

In general, the use of the experimental platform is divided into two types: cherish and not care.

All-wood test bench, cherish the use time is 5-8 years, do not cherish the use for 3 years;

Steel wooden test bench, cherish the use time of 7-10 years, do not cherish the use for 4 years;

All steel test benches, cherish the use time of 10-15 years, do not cherish the use for 6 years;

Stainless steel test bench, cherish the use time is 15-20 years, do not cherish the use for 10 years;

PP material test bench, cherish the use time is 15-20 years, do not cherish the use for 10 years.

The above is the information about the use time of the test bench introduced by the manufacturer of Shaanxi Hongshuo Bench for you to use when you use the test bench. It is also recommended that you pay attention to the maintenance of the test bench to increase the service life of the test bench.

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