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How To Use And Keep The Materials And Equipment Needed For The Renovation

Dec 11, 2018

Laboratory construction and renovation are important for the completion of the laboratory. Each ring is in close contact. In this process, how to manage the materials needed for the construction of the laboratory requires us to decorate the workers to do a lot of work on the spot. Next, BOKA Xiaobian will introduce the materials and equipment to the laboratory to save and manage.

lab furniture 9.21

Before entering the site, the material equipment should first determine whether the site has the installation conditions and do the following work:

(1) Determine the type, quantity and arrival time of materials and equipment according to the material schedule and the project schedule. If it is a manufacturer's delivery, contact the manufacturer to set the delivery time.

(2) The material stacking position should be arranged in advance, and the stacking place should be concentrated. Do not stack it arbitrarily to affect the rigor of the construction period and material management. Pay attention to the following points when stacking:

1) It is not allowed to affect the part under construction and the part to be constructed, to avoid repeated relocation and damage to materials.

2) Choose a higher terrain stack.

3) Sorting the stacking code for easy access.

4) Stack flammable and explosive materials at separate locations to ensure safety.

5) Materials that are fragile, damp, and smudged should pay attention to the stacking method and protective measures to avoid loss.

6) The ready-to-use materials should be placed directly on the work surface when entering the site to save the handling process.

(3) Make a good job in signing the materials for entry, check whether the materials are consistent with the original design, and register according to the variety and quantity of the materials for inspection.

The above is how the small equipment introduced to the laboratory to enter the laboratory site how to save management, BOKA Labs high-end customized service platform to create a new mode of open and harmonious community of the laboratory industry destiny. For more information about the laboratory, please pay attention to our BOKA brand laboratory.