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BOKA takes you into the design world of the genetic testing laboratory

Dec 05, 2018

After the development of modern civilization, human desire for and exploration of unknown things, genetic engineering has always been the most inquiring field in the human world. With the recent hotter event of "gene editing", many people have been involved in genetic laboratories. Discussion of the design, today Xiaobian will talk to you about our BOKA design requirements for genetic laboratory design.

The design and decoration requirements of the BOKA genetic testing laboratory are as follows:

1. The facilities and environmental requirements for the GM product testing laboratory shall comply with the provisions of G5/T15481-2000.

2. For the product testing laboratory for nucleic acid testing, it is advisable to set up a buffer room in each working area that is separated. The pressure in the buffer chamber is negative pressure (or a suction device), and the working room connected to it. For positive pressure, a magnetic interlock should be installed between the work space and the buffer room. The laboratory that is restricted by the experimental site and unconditionally sets the buffer room shall set the pressure of the laboratory according to the provisions of Article 4 of this article after functional division of the detection area. Non-experimental personnel should not enter each experimental area.

lab furniture-12.03

3. The nucleic acid test work area with different functions should be separated and independent studios, with obvious signs, and each interval cannot be directly connected. If the zones are closely connected, an item transfer compartment is required.

4. The top of each working area should be equipped with a UV lamp. The wavelength of the UV lamp is 254 nm. The installation quantity is 40W UV lamp installed every 20m2. The distance between the lamp and the ground should not exceed 2.0m±0.1m.

The above is the insight of Wallerbo's design of the genetic testing laboratory, hoping to meet the needs of the small masters.