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Key factors affecting laboratory design planning projects

Apr 04, 2019

Successful laboratory construction and transformation have certain commonalities, including the selection of appropriate participants. Maintain the continuity of the participants. With a clear, detailed and comprehensive process, and the extensive knowledge of the people involved in the transaction, there are four key factors summarized.

lab furniture-04.04

(1) Professional and practical design

Professional designer

2. Preliminary design that cannot be ignored

3. The relationship between design and construction

(2) Detailed and practical process description

(3) Due diligence project manager

(4) Good communication and cooperation

Throughout the process, all participants need to be consistent and maintain good communication with the authorities. If the laboratory representative must report to the lab leader on some key issues, fully understand the leadership intentions and implement it; the laboratory representatives must communicate with the laboratory leaders and the leaders in charge, and notify the laboratory representatives of the requirements in a timely manner. , the design side, the construction side, the supervision party, and can ensure that the laboratory requirements are fulfilled.