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What are the microbiology laboratory equipment?

Oct 11, 2018

Today, we will take everyone to know about it. What are the microbiology laboratory equipment? In yesterday's laboratory knowledge update, we have already told everyone about the design requirements of the microbiology laboratory. I don't know if you seriously look at it. Many small partners are not very clear about the layout of the microbiology laboratory anyway. Okay, today BOKA has found a high-resolution picture. I believe that after reading this picture, you should know how the microbiology laboratory has changed its layout. Not feeling very clear~~

clean room 10.11.jpg

A: The sterile room and the ultra-clean workbench are the core parts of the laboratory, which mainly provide protection for the samples, ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, and provide a relatively sterile work for the microbiology laboratory through air purification and space disinfection. Main equipment of sterile room: transfer window. UV lamp. Strict aseptic room equipment. Ultra-clean workbench. Simple and convenient use of ultra-clean workbench 2: Incubator: electric thermostat incubator. Water-proof constant temperature incubator Biochemical incubator. Constant temperature and humidity incubator. Ozone incubator. Light incubator 3: Drying box 4: Sterilizer 5: Balance 6: Microscope 7: Spectrophotometer 8: Acidity meter 9: Conductivity meter 10: Refrigerator Eleven: electric distilled water machine. Ultra-pure water machine 12: constant temperature water temperature bath. Mixer. Ultrasonic cleaning machine. Electric heating plate 13: Centrifuge 14: Microscopic image analysis system 15: Nitrogen device 16: bacteria Identification system

Large parts are basically the above, there are many small items, such as glass dryer, color changing silica gel, petroleum jelly, qualitative filter paper, short funnel, glass stir bar, etc.... This basic microbiology laboratory instrument Should not be emphasized with everyone, and there is no place for microbiology laboratory equipment, directly leave a message on VOLAB official website~~

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