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What Are The Requirements For The Renovation Of Clean Laboratories?

Jul 12, 2018

In recent days, some customers have asked Xiaobian on the website: Can the laboratory renovation and decoration be done by a home improvement company? This question is a bit level, haha~~ But BOKA engineers can give you a clear answer: yes, it is definitely not acceptable.

     Why, first of all: the laboratory is a place for scientific research, food testing, biomedical exploration, a very serious and solemn environment, so why not use an ordinary house as a laboratory, BOKA Xiao Bian here tells everyone: That is because in the process of the experiment, if you need to study some results, it is necessary to have a lot of laboratory equipment, and generally do the experiments require special requirements of the environment, different requirements of the laboratory to the personnel Access restrictions, different places are arranged differently.

     For the professional laboratory renovation and home improvement, BOKA Xiaobian will help you organize the following, mainly including the following parts.

Different qualifications

If the state stipulates that the total amount of laboratory engineering is more than 5 million, it needs the company's design qualification level A, the construction qualification level of the first-level project totaling 5 million, and the design qualification level B construction qualification can be two.

First-class qualification standard: The enterprise can undertake decoration and decoration projects with a unit construction cost of less than 12 million yuan.

Second-class qualification standard: The enterprise can undertake decoration and decoration projects with a unit construction cost of less than 5 million yuan.


Then, in general, the engineer team or the master who renovated your house is also an individual. There are many people in the market who can help you decorate the house. As long as you understand the water and electricity, you can carry out the decoration of the house, but the laboratory transformation The decoration can't be done. From the above text, we know that the laboratory decoration needs a certain professional and qualification.


Different decoration design

Laboratory construction generally has certain uses, such as biosafety laboratories, for the study of microbial viruses, cell research, design will require the laboratory layout needs buffer room, auxiliary room, main laboratory, etc. Looking for a home improvement company, they generally don't understand how to design a lab design, and then how to implement it? As the so-called Wendao has a sequence, the industry has a specialization, professional things need to be handed over to professional people to do, need laboratory transformation and renovation can contact our VOLAB director Jiang: Tel 138-2363-4152 (WeChat with the same number), If you need it, you can call us~~.

Different decoration materials

Laboratory-specific furniture and instruments are different. The materials in the laboratory are different, and there are generally fireproof, fireproof, anticorrosive, or special cleanliness requirements. However, the general home decoration requirements are beautiful and practical. It is precisely because the laboratory has different functions, so there will be strict requirements on the decoration materials.


Different reference standards

The standards that need to be referenced in the renovation of the laboratory are:

1. "Code for Fire Protection of Interior Decoration Design of Buildings" (GB50022-95) 2001 Revision

2. "Code for Fire Protection Construction and Acceptance of Interior Decoration of Buildings" (GB50354-2005)

3. "Code for Quality Acceptance of Building Decoration Engineering" (GB50210-2001)

4. "Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Building Ground Engineering" (GB50209-2010)

5. "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" (GB50016-2012)

6. "Code for Indoor Environmental Pollution Control of Civil Building Engineering" (GB50325-2010)

    7. "General Safety Specification for AOQI Laboratory Renovation Project"

    Therefore, after reading the above, you know that the home improvement company is different from the laboratory relocation and relocation professional company. The laboratory relocation requires professional engineers to carry out. Our BOKA has a professional 100-person team, which can be super reasonable. You can carry out laboratory renovation and decoration, and you can have a basic restoration and innovation in the internal environment of your laboratory, the placement of laboratory instruments, the restoration of laboratory specimens, and the installation of laboratory water and electricity. If you still want knowledge about relocation, then you can check out our previous articles. We have written a lot of articles about lab relocation in the past~~